Blogging is one of the best techniques to advertise your brand online, if (a big if!) you get it right.

Hubspots’ Study shows that business blogging leads to a staggering…

  • 55% more visitors
  • 97% more  inbound links
  • 434% more  indexed pages

Amazing, won’t you say?

However, our own experience shows that most companies are still wary of taking up blogging as a serious marketing activity. And the ones who do blog are not quite doing it the right way. Even Mother Mashable had this to say – “Companies with corporate blogs seem to be bogged down in uniformed policies and simply aren’t thinking outside the box. Afraid to take on colorful personalities or step a bit outside of their company’s happenings, many corporate blogs employ an official tone announcing the play-by-play updates of company news.”

Though it is easier said than done, we believe that it is not rocket science either. Corporate blogging teams need to understand and balance the two main aspects of blogging – the blogger and the reader. Each blog needs pay attention to both.

1. The Human Face. The charisma of blogging that makes it distinct is the human element – an identity. Separating the blogger from the blog would rob the readers of the unique voice that is trying to reach out to them. Even the most powerful content will fail to make an impact if your blog voice is inconsistent. The content for corporate blogs needs to come deep within its own mines of knowledge, its own domain. The speaker should be of flesh and blood. Blogs are social, and social cannot work with faceless corporate logos.

2. The Take-Away. However, having a human touch alone isn’t enough to market your ideas in the online world. A blown up blog persona might depict you as being self-obsessed, with very little or no concern for the benefit of your readers. This brings forward the second aspect of blogging – audience advantage. The key motive of posting blogs is to bring value to your audience. Your blogging content must put the audience first, and revolve entirely around their benefits. The audience needs to take something out of your post. Susannah Breslin writes on Forbes- “If you just write random stuff and post it to your blog, your friends will read it, and your wife, or husband, or whatever will read it, and nobody else will.” Personal bloggers might still want to blog for their scattered audience (or for that matter, for themselves), but a corporate blog needs to cater to an audience. And if it does not, it purely beats the purpose.

To start your own corporate blog – this is all you need to keep in mind.

Easy, isn’t it? Let’s sum it all up then. One, put a human face to your corporate blogs, and two, remember who you are writing for – what is it that they can take away from your post.

Maybe, you should start the new year with your own business blog. And let us know if it works.

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