Focal Concepts works with product and service companies to engineer solutions while being sensitive to business issues.

With cyber threats escalating every day, Focal Concepts provides a unique blend of workshops that help organizations understand the challenges at a granular level while then crafting solutions that protect sensitive data using both software and hardware. As part of the solutioning Focal Concepts are partnering with IAMI.

In keeping with its strategic plans, Focal Concepts seeks ambitious business partners who possess reach and cyber security expertise in a multiple verticals. To take advantage of this opportunity, potential partners are encouraged to write to us to know more about this product.

Authentication & Identity Services

Decentralized, Crowdsourced & Tokenized

Cybercrime, a global epidemic, is ruthlessly winning the war over cybersecurity and fraud management; and everyone is at risk of falling victim to it.

With advancing cyber attacks and techniques, hackers are rampantly compromising business and non-business entities alike by gaining unauthorized access to enterprise networks, secure data, client accounts and intellectual properties. The stolen data is then monetized on the dark web. In the wake of these attacks, companies are significantly impacted with penalties from industry regulatory bodies, an onslaught of lawsuits and loss of business revenue – a very gloomy ordeal for many. Research predicts cybercrime will cost the global economy more than $2 trillion by 2019 and signifies it will become the largest risk to every company in the world.

Once stolen, data is extremely difficult to protect.

Many corporations and technology leaders continue to raise questions about the effectiveness and reliability of today’s authentication based services, particularly as cybercrime persistently escalates. In February 2015, IBM released a report – “The Pitfalls of Two-Factor Authentication” – citing the various evasive techniques used to overcome One Time Password (OTP) authentication methods.

IAmI Authentications published an article in April 2017 – “How Secure Is Your Authentication?!?!” – highlighting the common vulnerabilities of current 2FAs and MFAs
solutions. Lastly and should be noted, NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology) recently declared SMS based authentication protocols as decrepit and ineffective to preventing unauthorized access and intrusion attacks.

Cybersecurity That’s Intimately Better

IAmI Authentication’s decentralized, crowdsourced and tokenized platform ushers in the new era for B2B & B2B2C authentication & identity services.

The IAmI SaaS/PaaS is a Real-time Intrusion Detection and Preventative Solution against intrusion attacks, unauthorized access and data breaches. Business, enterprises and organizations of all sizes can now decentralize, crowdsource and tokenize their authentication and identity access services, alleviating their burden, costs and resources to identify intrusion attacks, unauthorized access and data breaches within their network – all in realtime and 24/7!

IAmI is designed to empower all employees (and customers alike) to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access through the exploitation of their login credentials, securing corporate network infrastructures and critical server & database locations. Similarly, customers will be able to prevent unauthorized access to their accounts and services – all in realtime!

IAmI Authentication offers its services through a configuration of cloud based services, an extremely lightweight API payload and proprietary
smartphone apps, running on Apple Watch, iOS and Android.


Authentication & Identity Services For B2B Has Never Been This Advanced – Until Now!

IAmI empowers your employees to become guardians of their own login credentials and your network. Only Trusted People On Trusted Networks.


Your Customers Can Now Safeguard Their Own Accounts 24/7 – All With Just One Touch!

Unauthorized account access, account-takers, customer data breaches, service disruptions and fraud, are all continuing to soar globally. Finally, your customers can prevent this from happening – all in realtime! It’s truly game-changing!


Banish all Problems Associated With Passwords. Introducing: Passwordless Authentications

In today’s cyber climate, passwords are proving to be too passé. With the onslaught of ever increasing sophisticated intrusion attacks and brute force attacks, passwords are simply not that effective anymore.