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High-Impact workshops and Training to enhance the quality of internal and external communication.

Applying Change Management Practices in Government Organizations: A view from the field
by Vasudev Murthy & Dr. Vashima Shubha.

Why does the Annual Strategy exercise seem theoretical? What can you do to actually implement it?

Five Ways to Help Your Annual Strategy Succeed

What can the CIO do to come across as the champion of change, at a time of pervasive social media access within organizations.

Social Media and the CIO: Be the Gas Pedal, Not the Brake

So you want to be a consultant? Great! Read this article and see if you have what it takes.

6 Things Every Consulting Candidate Should Know

How can business take advantage of Facebook beyond just brand enhancement and customer connect?

The Facebook Business Twist
Report in The Hindu

A press report of a talk on our opinion of how social media will alter the future of business

Social media is the future
Report in The Hindu