DEFUSE: Crisis Communication

Focal Concepts’ DEFUSE program is a must-have tailored process for driving the handling of a crisis. Most crises happen with very limited prior notice, leaving many things in the air. What is the nature of the crisis? Who is in charge? What is the roadmap to defuse the crisis? What communication is appropriate and what is not? What should you do if the crisis explodes further due to reasons beyond your control? How can you emerge with your organization’s reputation intact? The DEFUSE program will make sure these questions are answered. With an emphasis on process, deviation-handling, dry-runs and audits, you can feel a little more relaxed. Think of it as a form of insurance.

DIALOGUE: Third Party Facilitation

Focal Concepts’ DIALOGUE program is a professional and passionate way to catalyze certain apparently intractable issues usually involving large groups of stakeholders. Well designed workshops, engaging participants in a positive dialogue, working hard to acknowledge the views of everyone – the facilitator establishes competence and trust and gently nudges the group towards a solution that is acceptable to all. It could be a customer-supplier issue, or an internal matter; NEUTRAL will restart a stalled process.

CONSULT: Consulting Competency Development

Our CONSULT program creates consultants. Many organizations wish to transition from specific expertise to having high-quality business-oriented conversations with clients to consolidate the value chain. Our Consulting Skills program, CONSULT, can take your chosen set through a pre-workshop review, an intense workshop and then a post-workshop follow-through exercise.

QUANTUM: Business Research Service

Our Research expertise helps you correlate events and data and make sensible projections of possible trends. Go beyond simple graphs and obvious conclusions. Let us help you win. Take a QUANTUM leap.

AMPLIFY: Social Media Marketing

In today’s world of business, offline channels are just not good enough when it comes to brand visibility and lead generation, be it from the perspective of top line or bottom. End to end management of social is the need of the hour. Focal Concepts’ AMPLIFY program does exactly that for you – from moderation of communities, to organic and inorganic acquisitions of followers, the content generation and viral engagement.

IMPACT: Content Development

White Papers, research content and more – don’t spin wheels on such matters when there are experts available with years of experience in high-quality writing that has IMPACT.

YES: Brand Building

Brand Building takes time. Positive associations, trust and credibility require repeated and consistent experiences. That’s no accident – you need a plan and you need to ensure everyone is working in sync to keep elevating the brand. A brand is only as strong as its weakest experience. Let us help you find that link and fix it. Say YES to your brand.

BLUEPRINT: Social Media Strategy

Before beginning your social media journey, you must take a step back and get the basics right. The BLUEPRINT program helps you sync your business objectives, target audience, with the kind of content you need to publish to engage with your target audience on their platform of choice. We also help you optimize your resources and chalk about a framework to measure your success real time.

SHINE: Social Media for Personal Branding

Today’s business leaders need to go beyond having an open door policy for their brick and mortar offices. They need a presence online. They need to be seen as Social. However, being social comes with its own set of challenges. Focal Concepts’ SHINE program addresses these challenges, and equips a leader to build a powerful brand on Social Media. In quick time.

SHOUT OUT: Social Media B2B Marketing

B2B engagements online, need to go way beyond the trivial Facebook posts. It requires you to build credibility through serious and engaging content. Focal Concepts’ SHOUT OUT program not only helps you create a content strategy through in-depth research of your target audience and domain but also supports you all the way, from creating to executing to achieving success.