[heading type=”h5″ margintop=”28px” marginbottom=”28px” bordered=”yes” align=”left”]by Ganesh Kollegal[/heading]

 The start-up is an exciting phase in an entrepreneur’s career. The team is brimming with ideas, abundant enthusiasm and the commitment to make the venture a success.

Great ideas do not guarantee grand business success; this has been proven many times over. Sure, a great idea is an attractive proposition but it has to be converted into a tangible product or service. For any idea to be translated into an on-the-ground success, it has to be of value to the customer. For the customer to perceive the value, the positioning of the product or service has to be well crafted.

From positioning, a clear and well thought-out branding has to be put in place. And the appropriate marketing strategy should be created to target the defined audience. This will ensure the product or service reaches the target audience.

However, we see that most start-ups, in their passion to articulate their product or service, do not give adequate importance to branding. This can be due to the shoe-string budgets they may have as a start-up or their lack of experience in understanding the power of branding.

From any perspective this can stifle the reach of the business to its target market or audience. The imperative is to have a well thought out branding strategy which will help propel the product or service in its journey for desired success.