Consulting Skills

Thinking of developing Consulting Competencies?  Do you need to enhance the competencies of existing consultants? With years of experience in hands-on consulting for actual clients worldwide and rigorous classroom simulation at the best business schools, Focal Concepts is your solution. No dry PowerPoints or theorizing. This is the metal foundry of consulting.


Spend expensive hours on endless meetings with low and questionable output. Or use our professional Facilitation services to design high-impact workshops with guaranteed results. Poorly thought-through off-sites with no implementation plans and no accountability results in cynicism and questions. Strategy formulation, product development, project reviews – all these need Facilitation by passionate but neutral professionals with the skills needed to guide a group from apprehension and internal tension to a state of trust and high energy with a plan they have all signed up for.

Change Management

Did you know that every project you work on has a significant chance of failure unless you have considered and co-opted a Change Management plan?

Fact: all business plans, all project plans involve and impact people in their execution and beyond. The pure logic of business is not enough to get enthusiastic acceptance. Handling the delicate side of human needs and aspirations is the crucial recipe for success. No one will participate in any exercise unless the key question: what is in this for me – is answered to their satisfaction.

If this question is not answered well, you will see the following challenges

  • Absenteeism from key meetings – “I have another meeting I must attend”
  • Hostility – “Why is this needed? What makes you an expert?”
  • Passive resistance or low to zero cooperation – silence or negative body language
  • email that is not responded to or that does not provide details you wanted

A well thought-out Change Management strategy that is integrated into the project plan is a must.

Your project may be an ERP implementation or the rollout of new policies or the merger of two groups of people. To ensure its success, invest in Change Management. Talk to Focal Concepts. We’ve done these kinds of projects and know what it takes to take people on board your dream. Enthusiastically.

Executive Coaching

We offer executive coaching for CXOs and middle-level professionals with high growth potential who need confidential counseling. We know what it takes to navigate the maze of corporate life, the bouts of self-doubt, the undercurrent of politics – all of which can be wearing and debilitating, and even demoralizing. With Partners who have been at the top and very importantly, understand the human dimension of executive life, you can take greater control over your career and attain effectiveness as a professional.

Business Writing

Often you only have ONE chance to make an impact, through an email or a proposal or a project status report. Yet, studies show repeatedly that managers despair about the writing skills of key individuals responsible for revenue generation. They often lack clarity and effectiveness and may even be contradictory, poorly crafted and subject to misinterpretation. Our structured writing workshops transform your key staff at every level and give them the tools needed to make a strong professional impact in everything they do. Watch your productivity take off!

High-end Content Development

Content is king.

People don’t have time to read.

We have researched what makes a person read and then act.

The average person drifts away from written content in about a minute if the writing isn’t interesting enough. Language skills now need to include high energy, dashes of humour, unusual wit and more.

At Focal Concepts, we have been writing high-end content for clients all over the world. The best content conveys the point in the best possible way, using the most appropriate simple language in the shortest possible time.

We know how to do it.

We are not cheap. Our content writing professionals understand business and writing.

If you want high-impact content that maximizes the impact of your core message, you should contact us.

Premium Editing Services

Editing isn’t about fixing typos.

It’s a sophisticated art that involves mastery over language and balancing content. And more.

  • Detecting inconsistencies
  • Eliminating awkward content
  • Awkward usage
  • Tightening sentences and paragraphs…

These things take time and intelligence. The value of brilliantly edited content cannot be underestimated. Which is why we are expensive.

If you have content – fiction or non-fiction – getting it edited by top-notch professionals is the best way to get it read. And for the reader to take action.

Social Media

The Business Communication paradigm now includes Social Media as a key component. Simply setting up a Facebook or Twitter presence is not enough. You need an overarching strategy and implementation plan that takes Social media beyond just a marketing twist to integrating it with your core strategy. Talk to us about our model and take control of your Social Media presence.

A group of skills such as communication, inter-personal, listening, negotiation, etiquette, language skills etc. make up for what is quite popularly known as ‘Soft-Skills’. These are personal attributes that enhance an individual’s interactions and work performance.

It has been lately acknowledged that soft skills are more important than traditional hard skills regardless of job categories or industry type. Most likely to succeed are those who are equipped with these skills.

A recent survey called the Workforce Profile stated that “An across-the-board unanimous profile of skills and characteristics are needed to make a good professional

“Soft skills commonly needed in the workplace are planning, goal setting, time management, clear communication, accountability, conflict resolution, teamwork, coaching, adapting to other styles, handling change, building relationships, delegating, leading and using emotional intelligence. People are born with certain soft skill preferences and they adopt others in life. When these two sources conspire to create a person with, say, little understanding of good communication skills, a true glass ceiling will limit career growth and job impact”

– Bruce Clarke, J.D President and CEO/ CAI Inc., HR Management Group located at Raleigh and Greensboro, NC

Communication is crucial in any business atmosphere. Lack of written or oral skills can adversely impact an organization.

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.”

–     Lee Iacocca

Focal Concepts offers a comprehensive training programme that is made to suit your requirements. With structured workshops and expertise in this area, Soft-Skill enhancement is bound to be a definite asset for your organization.